[Kmymoney-devel] Re: Link account to financial instution

Thomas Baumgart thb at net-bembel.de
Sat Jun 4 20:56:59 CEST 2011


on Saturday 04 June 2011 19:38:00 Brent Baxter wrote:

> Thomas,
> Thanks for the speedy reply.
> This morning I installed KMyMoney 4.6.2 and OFX from the Ubuntu repository
> onto a second Ubuntu 11.04 machine using Synaptic.  My financial
> institution is
>   name:  First Tech Federal Credit Union  URL:  firsttechfed.com
> FIID: (ABA routing number) *321180379*
> Next I created a new KyMoney checking account and tried to map it to my
> online accounts at First Tech Federal Credit Union as follows:
> 1. accounts -> "chedking" ->  Map to online account -> KMyMoney OFX
>       At this point a panel appeared briefly stating "getting list of ..."
> (Difficult to read because it only persisted for a half second or so )
>      Then the following appeared (see attached screen shot)
>     I expected to see a list of financial institutions, including mine.
> On my Ubuntu 10.10 system this worked as expected and I was able to link to
> my credit union accounts.

Well, I checked to download the list myself a few minutes ago and figured out, 
that our 'friends' over at M$ must have stopped this service. After all, they 
do not support their MS-Money product anymore, so why should they maintain a 

A quick alternative is to use http://www.ofxhome.com/index.php/home/directory 
to figure out the correct values for the manual entry. For you that would be:

http://www.ofxhome.com/index.php/institution/view/451 or

the latter being "First Tech Federal Credit Union".

> One other item to consider: First Tech (firsttechcu.com) recently merged
> with another credit union and they now go by firsttechfed.com. I can log
> into my account on the new credit union system and everything seems to be
> working on their end, although I have not been able to link my KMM account
> to their system, probably for the reason described above. I expect that
> once KMM worked as it did previously on my older Ubuntu setup, KMM online
> banking will probably work fine.

It could be, that you will have to use your old access data even though the 
web front ends have been merged. OFX access might have not.

Does any of those work for you?



Thomas Baumgart

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