[Kmymoney-devel] Re: KMyMoney entering string-freeze on July 15th

Cristian Oneț onet.cristian at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 21:44:01 CEST 2011

2011/7/14 Jack <ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net>:
> On 2011.07.14 12:18, Cristian Oneț wrote:
>> Hi,
>> KMyMoney is entering a 2-week string freeze, prior to the release of
>> our 4.6 stable version [1].
>> The freeze will start on tomorrow, July 15th. You have time until
>> Sunday July 31st to work on the translations.  The release will be on
>> August 1st.
>> As a side note it would be nice if until the release someone from the
>> translation team would help us with some info on what we need to do
>> to maintain translations for a stable and a development branch
>> separately (KMyMoney is in extragear/office ). In the last release
>> cycle we ended with some missing translations in the bugfix stable
>> releases due to the fact that the translations from trunk where used
>> when creating the tarballs.
> Cristian,
> When, exactly is the string freeze starting?  I still have work on the
> csv importer plugin section, the whatsnew section, and I hope I can get
> in a few more of the small changes about new features into the
> appropriate section.  Based on my schedule, I know I won't be able to
> work later than mid-day tomorrow (EST - GMT-5) so as long as it's after
> that (end of day GMT?) it's good for me.

Sorry Jack, I forgot about the documentation update. To solve this
we'll announce the translators that the string freeze refers to the
application and the documentation strings will be frozen when you
think they'll be ready. If it takes more then a few days then we might
even delay the release a bit to give the proper time to the
translators. Let me know when the docs will be ready considering a
normal priority, no need for you to rush because of this.


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