[Kmymoney-devel] [Bug 280465] Listing (sorting) after last document entered

allan agander93 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 23:43:42 UTC 2011


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> Hi
> Yes, I have checked the manual and must frankly say I found a list of words,
> but not really a «helping text».
> However, I wonder if this is the right pace to have a discussion, maybe it
> would be better to discuss this in a Forum? If so, please guide me to any Forum
> we could dicuss this topic further and find a workable solution. 
> Perhaps on last word: I am using Kubuntu in German.

I see you did find the correct forum. :-)

Reading your post there, I got a better idea of your requirement, and it does
exist already, having just tried it.

1) When viewing your ledger, right click on the column heading.
2) In the lefthand box you should see 'Entry Order.'   Select it.
3) Now click the right pointing arrow.  'Entry Order ' should now appear on the
4) Use the 'Up arrow' to place it at the top.
5) You should now find that newly entered items appear at the foot of the
ledger, rather in date order.
5a) If you wanted to have them at the top instead, select 'Entry Order then
double click and the table will invert.
6) To revert to 'normal' date order, repeat step 1.
7) In the right box, select post date and move it to the top.
8) In future use, step 1 then 4 or 7 as needed.

Hope that's what you wanted here.

Oh, and on column widths, individual columns cannt be adjusted, but resizing
the widow may give you what you need.  I must say, my personal preference is
for individual colun control.

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