[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney 4.6.0 French user manual build fails

Yuri Chornoivan yurchor at ukr.net
Sat Aug 13 06:13:26 UTC 2011

написане Sat, 13 Aug 2011 03:39:45 +0300, Jack <ostroffjh at sbcglobal.net>:

> On 2011.08.12 01:10, Cristian Oneț wrote:
>> On Joi 11 Aug 2011 22:44:50 Jack wrote:
>>> I just updated the createtarball script and ran it, and all  
>>> translations (es, fr, it, pt) except sv and uk still say they are for  
>>> version 4.5, instead of 4.6.  This seems odd, given that the French  
>>> translation was only recently completed.  If these need to be updated,  
>>> would it be reasonable for the French version of index.docbook to  
>>> include the "missing" entities, in the same way the base index.docbook  
>>> contains the entities for the authors that are only in recent versions  
>>> of kdelibs?  (This makes more sense to me than including the entities  
>>> for the French translators in the base index.docbook.
>> The entities could be added to the French 'index.docbook' but then on  
>> each generation of the French documentation from the translations it  
>> would have to be added again and this is an error prone approach.
> I assume this is because the French index.docbook is autogenerated each  
> release and then goes through translation?  Isn't that one of the  
> reasons there is really no text in index.docbook, just stuff to assemble  
> the rest of the files into the right order?

Just to make things clear, it is not autogenerated. General workflow is as  

1. Jack writes documentation and commit it to Subversion.
2. Next morning scripty make xml2pot to regenerate templates and msgmerge  
to update POs.
3. We, translators, translate it, fix mistakes, or polish something.
4. Then team coordinators (Frederic Grossard, Stefan Asserhäll and other  
great folks from i18n) *manually* regenerate localized docbooks. If e.g.  
Frederic has updated user.entities on his machine, no errors will be shown  
(docbooks are ready).
5. createtarball creates tarball with docbooks.
6. Joe User with old KDE downloads tarball, unpacks it, and starts  
cmake+make on his machine.
7. make tries to generate HTML with meinproc4 to create help files that  
can be used instantly (without regeneration which is not very fast) and  
fails because there is no entity for French translator on Joe's machine.

>> I have nothing against adding the entity in the English index.docbook  
>> because it's going to be needed anyway for a long time (until everyone  
>> upgrades to the ksgmltools2 version which contains the entity). And  
>> after all it's about making a contribution (a big one if you ask me)  
>> available to the end user.
> Well, I just added the two sets of entities to the main index.docbook,  
> and I may have done something wrong, but the make still failed.  I have  
> not dug through all the cmake and Makefiles, but I suspect that only the  
> French index.docbook file is called, not the main one.  It looks like  
> the French translation team has to figure out what to do, or their  
> efforts will remain hidden for quite a while.

What should be done:
1. Add entry for French translator entity to index.docbook of English  
(original) set.
2. Let scripty regenerate POs.
3. Ask French team (Frederic) to regenerate their set (manually).
4. Repack tarball and make it available to end users.
5. Now French docbook has entity in itself, Joe is happy and so are we. ;)

>> Right now the minimum KDE version requirement is 4.3.5 and we would not  
>> like to increase that. So I'd vote for adding the entity to the source  
>> index.docbook. Just remember to do it in trunk and stable [1].
>> [1]  
>> http://websvn.kde.org/branches/stable/extragear-kde4/office/kmymoney/
> I agree we do not want to change minimum KDE version just for this.
>> Also please notify the es, fr, it, pt teams that they can update the  
>> manual version since the next stable release will use the translations  
>> from the stable branch.
> Who should do this?  Your message did not include the KDE i18n-doc  
> list.  Do we need to send something more to them?

French team coordinator. It is enough to send notice to French team, the  
other teams are not affected.

> Jack


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