[Kmymoney-devel] Re: Decryption not requesting passphrase

John Le Page falla07 at cybersmart.co.za
Tue Apr 5 10:09:54 CEST 2011


Your hunch was right. Thank you for your help.

 'gpg -d myfile.kmy' does indeed send the file to the display unencrypted without requesting the p/w. 'cat myfile.kmy' shows the ascii armoured file, so the encryption is there. Extracting possibly relevant files from my list of installed files, this is what I found and includes a reference to an agent

gpgsm						install
gpgv						install
libgpg-error0					install
libgpgme++2					install
libgpgme11					install
libqgpgme1					install
gnupg						install
gnupg-agent					install
gnupg-curl					install
gnupg2						install
python-gnupginterface				install
seahorse                                        install
seahorse-plugins                                install

Your further suggestions on where to look within the above or elsewhere would be appreciated.


On 04/04/2011 21:26, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> Hi,
> on Monday 04 April 2011 18:16:31 John Le Page wrote:
>> A great program which I started using about six months ago after Money 2001
>> gave me very weird reports with incorrect totals!
>> As I was familiar with PGP, I soon went to using the encryption option,
>> which has been working fine until today.
>> On startup this morning I found it did not want to open my file and that my
>> Seahorse 2.32  was empty.  I had key backups which I restored into
>> Seahorse and then the encrypted file opened ok but without first
>> requesting my passphrase.   The problem is now that while the KMyMoney
>> file is being stored with the right ascii armoured format under
>> -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
>> Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)    etc
>> but KMyMoney no longer asks me for the passphrase before opening the file -
>> it always just opens as soon as requested.
> KMyMoney uses GPG for the encryption. It does not store the passphrase at all, 
> so I have no idea why that is. Do you have a gpg-agent running?
>> I have tried switching off the encryption, saving the file again, closing &
>> opening the file and re-saving it encrypted but still the file next
>> reopens without the passphrase being requested!
> What happens if you run 'gpg -d yourfile.kmy' ?  Does it decrypt to the 
> console w/o entereing a passphrase?
>> Any suggestions?  My OS is Ubuntu 10.10  and KMyMoney from the Clay
>> Weber package.
> I don't expect KMyMoney being part of the problem. Are you sure you open the 
> right file? Just to be sure.
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