[Kmymoney-devel] cmake modules

Clay Weber claydoh at claydoh.com
Tue Sep 14 22:39:38 CEST 2010


Investigating missing aqbanking in Debian's (and Maverick's imported packages) 
for 4.5, it looks like pbuilder is simply not running FindGwenhywfar.cmake 
and/or FindAqBanking.cmake. Manually compiling the source works as expected, 
but using pbuilder either locally or on Ubuntu's ppa build servers.

Debian's 4.5 in experimental already has a bug report on the now-missing 
aqbanking there.


Maverick's packages are direct imports from Debian and also do not provide 

Looking at my local pbuilder log shows cmake running as expected, but it 
completely skips over looking for both AqBanking and FindGwenhywfar. No 
messages about either one:

-- Check size of size_t
-- Check size of size_t - done
-- Check size of unsigned long
-- Check size of unsigned long - done
-- Check size of long double
-- Check size of long double - done
-- Found LibOfx: /usr/lib/libofx.so
-- Found Libical version 0.44
-- Found LIBICAL: /usr/lib/libical.so;/usr/lib/libicalss.so
-- Looking for RPMTools... - rpmbuild NOT FOUND

So it like pbuilder is not seeing either of these cmake modules.

If I replace these with the modules form 3.98, pbuilder finds both, and the 
build is done with kbanking support

I am beyond my minimal set of skills on this, so I do not know what would need 
to be done to fix this properly.

Clay Weber

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