[Kmymoney-devel] Different messages between KDE Bug Tracking System and KMyMoney-devel list ???

Χρήστος Χρήστος
Tue Sep 7 19:22:21 CEST 2010

On 07-09-2010, 17:56 +0200, Martin Preuss wrote:
> Hi,
> On Dienstag 07 September 2010, Χρήστος Σιουλής "(Christos Sioulis)" wrote:
> [...]
> > Thanks Martin. That's exactly the mentioned problem.
> > The above two links for the two different KDE systems (maillist <-> bug
> > truck system) have different contents! That's that I cannot
> > explain/understand!
> [...]
> What I mean is: If someone were to really censor your mails, wouldn't that 
> someone censor it in *all* media?
> That's why I would think that this is some sort of bug rather than a voluntary 
> decision...

With enormous dangerous to be misunderstood again, I would answer to you
that it seems that the two systems (Global KDE bug track system <-->
Kmymoney-devel mailing lists) have different administration systems and
different automated processes. 

On the other hand, a bug should be also reproductive. I really compared
many previous comments on one system to the other before express my
wonder for my comment. All the others were equal.

It is matter of rationalism to find out the answer to "Why" and "How"
this happened. If it is a bug, it should be found! But as fact it is
really strange and rationalism can't be satisfied by the answer "OK, it
is just happened".  


(P.S. I re-changed the title from [Wrong memo ....] to [Different
messages between ...] - just in case that there is the intention to
continue to investigate more this strange behavior/bug in the KDE

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