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Just to clarify steps to work around this (in Ubuntu 10.10 at least) after
running into this defect myself:

1. install gnupg-agent and pinentry:
  $ sudo apt-get install pinentry-qt gnupg-agent
2. Reboot (restarting gpg or some other service may work but I didn't know what
exactly to restart)

I did not have to modify or create the '~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf' file. It does
not exist at all on my system and kMyMoney now works fine after the above 2

That being said, this defect is marked fixed even though it still occurs. 
Shouldn't gnupg-agent and pinentry-qt be added as dependencies to kMyMoney if
they are required for loading the encrypted files?  Given that the encrypted
files cannot be recovered if the user deletes their original file, this could
be a very big problem for a user if they delete their original file before
finding they cannot open the encrypted one and they may not be savvy enough to
discover the solution.  This is bad behavior on the user's part of course, but
people don't always follow logic and in any case they will still be confused
and/or frustrated that they are unable to open the encrypted file.

I am running kMyMoney 4.5.0 from the Ubuntu repositories.

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