[Kmymoney-devel] Report settings page

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at gmail.com
Mon May 17 03:52:36 CEST 2010

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 5:54 PM, Bernd Gonsior
<bernd.gonsior at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Alvaro Soliverez schrieb am 09.05.2010 17:10:
>> Hello Bernd,
>> A couple of comments:
>> - make the report settings page a new one, like Forecast or Home
>> settings, so we can throw all settings there, instead of adding a new
>> tab to General.
> Done. The archive ksettingsreports.tgz contains a diff for the modified,
> existing files:
> kmymoney/kmymoney.kcfg
> kmymoney/reports/reporttable.cpp
> kmymoney/reports/reporttable.h
> kmymoney/dialogs/settings/CMakeLists.txt
> kmymoney/kmymoney.cpp
> and it contains the new files complete:
> kmymoney/dialogs/settings/ksettingsreportsdecl.ui
> kmymoney/dialogs/settings/ksettingsreports.h
> kmymoney/dialogs/settings/ksettingsreports.cpp
> I added some checks for the css file. If these do not fit somehow, i can
> easily remove them. If you have further remarks, simply tell me.
> Regards,
> Bernd
> BTW:
> my english (for lables or messages) should be checked
Hello Bernd,
It looks very good.

The only comment I have is on the usage of i18n for plural messages.
Line 87 to 91 of ksettingsreport.cpp can be simplified by using i18np,
which accepts messages for singular and plural.

The rest is ok. I'll keep the patch here and submit it as soon as we
clear some bug that will probably trigger a new release and we don't
want any new strings in.

Thanks for your contribution!


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