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Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at gmail.com
Sun May 9 17:34:16 CEST 2010

În data de Duminică 09 Mai 2010 16:50:48 Bernd Gonsior a scris:
> Hello Alvaro,
> attached is the first draft for the reportsettings. The 2 integers
> (MaximumLegendItems and LineWidth) are working properly, but there is a
> problem with the KUrlRequester for the css file: it is shown in the dialog
> but the kcfg-value is not updated when it is set, even an event which
> leads to an enabled "Apply"-button seems not to occur.
> When starting designer-qt4 there are following error-messages:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>  Error while reparenting!
> QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'QList<QChar>'
> for property 'KCharSelect::displayedChars'
> QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'KUrl' for
> property 'KUrlRequester::url'
> ...
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> I googled and found the same errormessage since 2008 for different
> distributions, any solution mentioned there did not work here so far.

Hi Bernd,

I thought I'll give you a tip to solve this problem since I've been in your 
situation a while ago and ended up reading KConfig code to figure out the 
solution for this.
Yo have to say which property of the KUrlRequester is mapped to the 
configuration option. This is done in the following way in the 
icalendarexportplugin settings module:

<widget class="KUrlRequester" name="kcfg_icalendarFile">
  <property name="kcfg_property" stdset="0">

So you basically need to set a property named 'kcfg_property' with the value 
text to have a KUrlRequester's value bound to a configuration option.


Cristian Oneţ

P.S: when you think about it, although KDE and Qt API is really wonderful you 
still end up reading their implementation a lot to get things don which 
shouldn't be that way :(
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