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Bernd Gonsior bernd.gonsior at googlemail.com
Sun May 9 15:50:48 CEST 2010

Hello Alvaro,

attached is the first draft for the reportsettings. The 2 integers
(MaximumLegendItems and LineWidth) are working properly, but there is a
problem with the KUrlRequester for the css file: it is shown in the dialog but
the kcfg-value is not updated when it is set, even an event which leads to an
enabled "Apply"-button seems not to occur.

When starting designer-qt4 there are following error-messages:
 Error while reparenting!
QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'QList<QChar>' for 
property 'KCharSelect::displayedChars'
QMetaProperty::read: Unable to handle unregistered datatype 'KUrl' for
property 'KUrlRequester::url'

I googled and found the same errormessage since 2008 for different
distributions, any solution mentioned there did not work here so far.

Because this is only a draft, i added a KLineEdit, connected it with the
KUrlRequester and it works. This is not intended to be used later, it is only
a dirty hack to make it work for now, because i could not spend more time to
find another solution.

Maybe it works on your system (i have ubuntu 9.10). You can check this out by
simply renaming the KUrlRequester to kcfg_CssFileDefault (and the KLineEdit to
something else).

CssFileDefault is used now in ReportTable, the usage of MaximumLegendItems and
LineWidth still has to be reworked.

Another question:
i could not find any input validation for string-fields for the
settings-form. In case of the css file i would recommend to add an
existence-check for the given file.

When trying to find a input validation at another place there, i found out,
that i can enter anything in string-input-fields, here a sample result as it
is written to the config-file for the user:


So: should i add an existence-check for the css file? If yes, do you have any
specifications to keep in mind when adding the error handling?



there is a blank too much in kmymoney/dialogs/kloadtemplatedlg.cpp which leads
sometimes to an compile-error (but only sometimes - i could not reproduce it
always). See reportsettings.dif.
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