[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney: proposal to replace hard coded utf-8 in KReportsView::KReportTab

Bernd Gonsior bgo at freeplexx.de
Wed Mar 31 22:12:46 CEST 2010

> Hello Berndt,
> Both PivotTable and ListTable inherit ReportTable, which currently
> serves as interfaces for both. Since this code is common to both
> classes, I think it should go into that class. The next freeze in on
> April 30th, so you have until then, if you are interested.
> The html code in PivotTable and ListTable is not to be touched at this
> point. It's fairly complex, they do different stuff in different ways,
> and I wouldn't like to mess with it at this point in the lifecycle.

I agree. It is complex. So only a HTML-class for ReportTable without 
influencing any other class. I should have such a class ready to be reviewed in 
about 2 weeks.


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