[Kmymoney-devel] Krazy warnings

Fernando Vilas fvilas at iname.com
Wed Mar 31 05:51:41 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 30 March 2010 03:36:36 tonyb wrote:
> On Monday 29 Mar 2010 19:43:02 Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> > The other area is the GNC reader. I fixed all the other problems reported
> > 
> >  by the i18ncheckarg test, but don't know if I break anything when I
> >  touch the GNC reader. So I'd rather leave those to Tony.
> I'll look at this over the holiday (not Friday morning though, there's a
> local beer festival on Thursday!). There are also a couple of deprecated
> calls in the database code since Fernando's latest changes; I'll fix those
> too.

Those were marked as deprecated with the change to driver classes. I was not 
very sure about how to get around those calls at the time, so I marked them as 
a reminder to me. But since then, I have not had time to look into it. If you 
take care of it, that would be a big help.

The calls are mostly in the code that updates the db version, because there is 
special handling for SQLite in some cases and for forcing InnoDB for MySQL.

Fernando Vilas
fvilas at iname.com
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