[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney: proposal to replace hard coded utf-8 in KReportsView::KReportTab

Bernd Gonsior bgo at freeplexx.de
Mon Mar 29 20:52:22 CEST 2010

> Hello Bernd,
> besides the html encoding, is there another fix or feature included in
> your patches?
> The encoding is already fixed in SVN, and your patch includes a
> refactoring which is nice, but makes it harder to spot any other
> changes in there.
> Regards,
> Alvaro

There is no other fix or feature in the patch. But there is a problem:
Originally 'utf-8' was hard coded __twice__.

As far as i can see svn revision r1107848 replaces only one of them. Currently
(svn revision 1108741) there is still a hard coded 'utf-8' in
kmymoney/views/kreportsview.cpp, line 147:

 QRegExp exp("(.*)(<link.*css\" href=)\"(.*)\">(<meta.*utf-8\" />)(.*)");
 QString table = createTable();
 if (exp.indexIn(table) != -1 && includeCSS) {

This code causes 2 problems:

1. in the current state the execution of the regexp 'exp.indexIn(table)' takes
a very long time when the html generated by 'createTable()' does NOT contain
'utf-8' but - as it is in my case - 'ISO-8859-1'. It took 119 seconds (yes - 2
minutes!) with 100% CPU on a Phenom II 3 GHz for a simple 2 pages html-report

Obviously this regexp was used to split the html-string generated by
'createTable()' in a way, that the css which was included as link to a file
could be replaced with inline-css, if necessary.

2. minor problem:
I do not know how the compiler optimizes the logical AND in
'exp.indexIn(table) != -1 && includeCSS'. If the compiler simply works
left-to-right, the expensive regexp will be evaluated always.

When first grepping the source for 'utf-8' it looked like a simple problem,
but it emerged a developing story as mentioned above. That's why i thought
replacing that implicit regexp with explicit declared methods could help.

The changes compared to the original state before svn revision r1107848 at a

- all changes occured in KReportsView::KReportTab only
- 1 method signature was changed:
  - createTable(const QString& links, bool includeCSS)
  (the method has a new parameter 'includeCSS' with default value 'false')
- 2 method bodies were changed:
  - saveAs
  - createTable
- 3 new methods were introduced:
  - cssFileNameGet
  - htmlHeaderGet
  - htmlFooterGet


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