[Kmymoney-devel] KMyMoney: proposal to replace hard coded utf-8 in KReportsView::KReportTab

Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 15:17:29 CEST 2010

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 2:52 PM, Bernd Gonsior <bgo at freeplexx.de> wrote:
> Thomas Baumgart schrieb am 27.03.2010 08:30:
>> Hi,
>> on Saturday 27 March 2010 Alvaro Soliverez wrote:
>> > Hello Bernd,
>> > I applied the encoding fix.
>> > However, the rest of the patch seems to need more work, because it
>> > doesn't work here.
>> > We are close to the release of our upcoming beta, so you can work on
>> > it a little longer and we'll include it in the next release if it
>> > passes review.
> Please forget my previous mail from today. Probably there was (or is) a
> problem with the mail servers. I did not get any mail from Alvaro Soliverez
> until now, but i just had a look into your mailinglist and found Alvaro
> Soliverez message:
> "I tried it here on my setup and it's not loading the CSS correctly"
> (Alvaro Soliverez asoliverez at gmail.com
> Thu Mar 25 02:25:08 CET 2010)
> It is my fault that the CSS was not correctly loaded, in the new method
> KReportsView::KReportTab::cssFileNameGet i wrote
> ...
> findResource("appdata", "html/kmymoney2.css");
> ...
> instead of
> findResource("appdata", "html/kmymoney.css");
> (html/kmymoney2.css was modified for my own purposes, but this time i checked
> that the hard coded file exists in svn - sorry for the inconvenience)
> The corrected files are appended.
> Until now i do not have a confirmation email from my subscription to the
> KMyMoney-devel mailinglist, maybe because of greylisting.

Hello Bernd,
besides the html encoding, is there another fix or feature included in
your patches?
The encoding is already fixed in SVN, and your patch includes a
refactoring which is nice, but makes it harder to spot any other
changes in there.


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