[Kmymoney-devel] Question about interfaces of KMyMoney 3.97

G. Sieber gerard.sieber at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 17 17:45:02 CET 2010

	Hi all,

	I'm a new user of KMyMoney 3.97 and I think it is a god thing and I
would like to use 
	it to do my payments ! I use Ubuntu 9.04 and because I want to get
red of  Bill's Software 
	that is eating memory ;-)

	So now to my question:
	I have an old payment slip-scanner with an RS232 Interface to read
my payment-slip,
	does KMyMoney 3.97 have an Interface to import these scan's trough
an RS232 Interface ?

	Thanks in advance for Your answer and support,
	they are welcome to the mentioned mail address,
	best regards

            e-mail: gseven at bluewin.ch


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