[Kmymoney-devel] Using astyle to beautify the code

Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at gmail.com
Sat Mar 13 23:45:14 CET 2010

În data de Sîmbătă 13 Martie 2010 22:52:01 Thomas Baumgart a scris:
> Hi,
> Ian and I fixed a couple of issues regarding the astyle-kmymoney.sh script
> which now works as expected.
> Running it against current SVN creates a 3100+ line patch (according to Ian
> on IRC). This reminds me of a recent discussion lately on a different
> mailing list which showed, that astyle produces different output using
> different versions.
> So the question is, which version do we use for formatting before we start
> switching back and forth due to different astyle versions. Once we settle
> on a single version we can run it and checkin the changes into the
> repository.
> Ian and I use 1.23
> Comments and thoughts are welcome.
I have 1.22 but I guess it's pretty much the same. I checked out the new 
formatting that this version introduces and I think that it fixes stuff that 
previously didn't worked as expected. For example now the member 
initialisations have the correct number of spaces which is 2 instead of 4 so I 
would say commit the patch if nobody has something big in their sandbox.


Cristian Oneţ
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