[Kmymoney-devel] [Kmymoney2-developer] Reconciliation of Investment Accounts

Ian Neal iann_bugzilla at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jun 4 15:12:07 CEST 2010

  Ian Neal wrote:
>    Jack wrote:
>> On 2010.06.03 18:09, Ian Neal wrote:
>>>    Hi all,
>>> Has anyone attempted this?
>>> I must have done in the past as it gives a last reconciled date (though
>>> I think that is the same date as when I first imported all my data).
>>> Each time I try it now it says I have a difference even though the start
>>> balance and end balance appear correct. I ran a report to give me the
>>> value at both the start and end dates. The only issue I can see is the
>>> report is to 2 decimal places and the investment is to 4 decimal places.
>>> Help!
>> It looks like the last time I reconciled an investment account was
>> 12/31/2009, so I may have some work to do before I can try again.
>> Also - I assume you mean the investment account itself, and not the
>> brokerage account?  My investment account shows last reconciliation
>> 12/31/2009 - but all the transactions before that date are still
>> marked "C" and not "R" - so I wouldn't be surprised if something funny
>> is going on.
>> Anyway - what balance are you using in an investment account?  The
>> only thing that would make sense is the number of shares of each
>> individual investment.
>> Have I completely missed something here?
>> Jack
> Yes, it is the investment account which has 3 different stocks in it.
> Question is, how do you know which stock you are balancing or is it the
> totals of them all at different points in time?
> Ian
I've done some digging into the code. The balance of the holding 
investment account is always zero, it is the stocks/funds (sub accounts 
I suppose) that have actual value, so you cannot really reconcile with 
the code as it is at the moment.

The options, in order of difficulty, I see are:
1/ Disable reconcile function for investment account (as it currently is 
for the sub accounts in the Accounts page).
2/ For investment accounts have the balance calculation in kmymoney.cpp 
sum the balances of the stocks held in it.
3/ Disable reconcile function for investment account and create a way of 
reconciling each sub account separately.

Any thoughts?


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