[Kmymoney-devel] progress on porting the account/category selector editable widget to qt4

Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 09:29:38 CET 2010


You all know that the account/category selector widget is the last
data entry widget that still has a dependency on KDE3/Qt3.
My plan was to port this widget by implementing a completer that can
work with a QTreeView the way the current completer does. The problem
is that in order to do this one has to write a lot of code to
show/hide, re-size, send keyboard and mouse events to the completer
and to the line edit, basically a big part of what is done by
QCompleter (which by the way can't work with a tree model like we
would like to - it only knows of a file system type of model, that is,
complete one level at a time). Frankly I don't have the slightest
intention of doing this, since I already fixed something similar while
porting the current KMyMoneyCompleter. So, encouraged by the fact that
transforming a Q3ListView to a QTreeWidget is pretty simple (see the
work done by Alvaro on the currency selector list), I decided that the
simplest way to do this job is to port the KMyMoneySelector to use a
QTreeWidget instead of a Q3ListView.
I already have something compilable so I estimate that in a few days
this job will be done. Meanwhile if somebody would like to write a
model based KMyMoneyCompleter the accounts tree view will be there it
will just need to be connected in the right place. I'll adopt this
solution until the guys at Qt will improve QCompleter (the have quite
a few bug reports on this matter).

Just wanted to share with you my thoughts/frustrations on this matter,
thanks for listening :)


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