[Kmymoney-devel] parallel package and svn versions (was Can't remove payee from transaction (3.95))

Jack ostroffjh at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Feb 20 19:22:07 CET 2010

On 2010.02.20 04:26, Thomas Baumgart wrote:
> on Friday 19 February 2010 Jack wrote:
>> Your patch works.  Sorry for the false alarm.  I'm still not sure if  
>> the test failed because I was trying to test using kmymoney.shell  
>> and not doing "make install" or if I really didn't have a  
>> sufficiently recent svn.
> Just tried the following to see what happens:
> a) installed KMymoney
> b) modified payee object to spit out a debug message in its ctor
> c) compiled KMyMoney (no make install)
> d) ran kmymoney/kmymoney.shell to start it
> e) verified that the debug message gets printed once I start the  
> transaction editor
> and sure it does. So your test method was OK and the problem must  
> have been in another spot.

I suspect I just didn't have as recent an svn version as I thought I  
did.  However, when I now run kmymoney.shell, I am missing many icons  
and menu items.  I only have File Settings and Help menus and I only  
have New Open Save and Print icons just below the menu bar.  I'm not  
too worried right now, because there was also a period where many of  
the other icons were missing (showing as question marks, as opposed to  
simply not being there) and they are now all back.


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