[Kmymoney-devel] Re: Two questions for translating

allan aganderson at ukonline.co.uk
Wed Dec 1 12:11:17 CET 2010

On 01/12/10 00:37, Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) wrote:

Hi Frank

I think it's for me to answer the following questions.
> 4. What is "Price Fraction"?
> (kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/investmentdlgdecl.ui:604)

There is an associated "comboBox_priceFraction", where the tooltip has
an explanation:-
<property name="toolTip">
                       <string extracomment="verb, If necessary, select
fraction/multiplier for compatibility between imported and stored
prices, for instance, if one is in dollars and the other in cents.">If
necessary, select fraction/multiplier for compatibility
between imported and stored prices.  For instance, if
the import price is in cents  but the file is priced in dollars,
select 0.01.</string>"

In effect, it is a conversion factor to align pricing in the imported
file with KMM's internal prices.

Perhaps I should also have added a comment for the label, as well.

> 5. I'm not quite sure what "Select column containing debit field" means.
> Did you mean "Select a column to show the debit field", or "Select a
> column that contains debit field"?
> (kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/csvimporterdlgdecl.ui:676)
> <src:/kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/csvimporterdlgdecl.ui:676>

The latter is closer, but as there can be only one column containing a
'debit' field,
 "Select *the* column that contains *the* debit field" would be better.
> BTW, the comments in this entry is... "blah".

Oh dear!!  That comment is present no longer, I'm glad to say.  I must
have recovered from whatever was afllicting me at that time.

> 6. "Buy Shares-buy" and "Sell Shares-sell"... what is the latter word
> after dash for? (kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/redefinedlgdecl.ui:120)

The whole of that extra comment is
extracomment="don't translate part after '-'">Sell Shares-sell</string>
So, the '-sell' should not be translated.  It is used by the program as
the activity type associated with the human 'Sell Shares" entry.  A few
lines late, "Add Shares-shrsin" is perhaps a better illustration of the
need for expansion of KMM's 'shrsin' to the more readily understood 'Add

> 7. Finally, is "register" (noun.) here a temporary form to record
> income/expense before entering into the ledger? To be honest, I didn't
> find anything about "register" using KMM so far. Of course I just used
> it for recording my expense now.

That does not appear in my file.  I suspect that it is elsewhere?

> A lot of questions! Sorry for that. The KMM translations for zh_TW is
> now 92% done. I'm working on the final parts. Thanks for your help.
> Franklin

Good work!  I'm afraid though that there will be further translation
required on the next plugin version which is nearing completion.


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