[Kmymoney-devel] Re: Two questions for translating

Frank Weng (a.k.a. Franklin) franklin at goodhorse.idv.tw
Wed Dec 1 01:37:18 CET 2010


Sorry for the late reply.  Please see below.

在 0099年 11月 27日 週六 07:08:02,Jack 寫道:
> Hi Franklin,
> For #2 we need to know the exact context to be sure which is correct.
> I would guess that the first is correct, especially if it refers to a
> transaction, where the user would enter the payer or receiver depending
> on the type of transaction.  "payee/receiver" would be using two terms
> for whoever is getting the money, and I don't recall that KMM uses that
> format.

I have this question because in the item 278 

The msgid is "New payee/receiver".  And in the item 740 


The msgid is "Payer/Receiver".  I just want to make sure if both messages are 
correct or not.

*Some more questions about messages*:

1. "shares set to value" and "value set to shares" 
(kmymoney/mymoney/mymoneyfile.cpp:1640, 1643).  What do these mean?

2. What is "ledger lens"?  I mean, I know that it shows the details for the 
transaction that has focus in the ledger.  But what do you mean by "has 
focus"?  BTW, did you use this name "lens" because it acts like a magnifier to 
see the transaction details?

3. What is "YTD account"?  (kmymoney/kmymoney.cpp:4134)

4. What is "Price Fraction"?  

5. I'm not quite sure what "Select column containing debit field" means.  Did 
you mean "Select a column to show the debit field", or "Select a column that 
contains debit field"?  (kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/csvimporterdlgdecl.ui:676)
BTW, the comments in this entry is... "blah".

6. "Buy Shares-buy" and "Sell Shares-sell"... what is the latter word after 
dash for? (kmymoney/plugins/csvimport/redefinedlgdecl.ui:120)

7. Finally, is "register" (noun.) here a temporary form to record 
income/expense before entering into the ledger?  To be honest, I didn't find 
anything about "register" using KMM so far.  Of course I just used it for 
recording my expense now.

A lot of questions!  Sorry for that.  The KMM translations for zh_TW is now 
92% done.  I'm working on the final parts.  Thanks for your help.

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