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Tue Sep 22 01:56:22 CEST 2009

the usage of a QStackedWidget (to hold the "transaction displaying wid=
and the editor widgets). But this will be a bit difficult because of the wa=
y the<br>
code is written now (or maybe I don&#39;t have the big picture :) ) so befo=
re I<br>
start I must ask are there any other ideas for how to do this?<br>
<br></blockquote></div><br>I haven&#39;t seen that code in some time. Is it=
 possible to just set them as hidden when the transaction does not match?<b=
r><br>IIRC, the widgets are copied from tab to tab, right?<br>What if we ke=
pt the same set of widgets, and called reparent to change them to the activ=
e tab? Would that work?<br>
<br>Also, I think we have a usability problem here. The tabs are actually u=
sed for a function that could be performed by a radio button (selecting the=
 type of transaction)<br><br>Just my 2 cents.<br><br>Regards,<br>Alvaro<br>


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