Tenor status?

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Tue Apr 18 21:13:38 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 18 April 2006 20:47, Tobias Pfeiffer wrote:

> So... can anyone tell me what Tenor is today? Someone told me, that
> everything that needs to be thought *before* writing the first line of code
> has already been done, like how data is stored, what meta-information is
> collected about files, where contextual linkage comes into play and so on.

The lack of buzz lately is intentional, actually and for the most part for the 
relatively near future I'd like for it to stay that way.  I've been quietly 
working on it again for the last 6 weeks or so but I don't really have any 
interest in dealing with the hype and expectations again right now; that was 
a contributing factor to some of my loss of interest many months ago.

So, current status:

- I'm coding on stuff (mostly in local CVS)
- I don't make any guarantees on when or what will shape up
- I'll make some noise again when it's ready for playing with
- I'd prefer if others keep the speculation to a minimum

I don't mean to sound negative, but I don't want the hype to get ahead of the 
code again.  Kevin says this makes me sound cave-man-ish, and well, he's 
probably right.  Sometimes that's just the way I like to work.  ;-)


Anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy.
-John Dewey

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