A thank you note to all

Alberto EFG albertoefg at posteo.mx
Mon Aug 26 06:47:05 BST 2019

Hello everyone.

I just want to thank you each and all of you for the awesome time we had
at the Krita Sprint, for your kindness and friendship.

I am grateful for all the amazing things you had made possible for me to
live. You have radically changed my life. A few months ago I was
struggling with depression and I had a suicide attempt. It was a dark
time for me and my family. And after living all the GSoC and Krita
Sprint experience I feel motivated and have a feeling of purpose.
I have a reason to wake up in the morning.

You all had been kind and supportive, when I struggle with my lack of
coding skills you all had told me to keep working and improving.
When I felt lonely, there has always been somebody in #krita
or ##krita-chat to talk to. During the sprint it was a wonderful
to meet friends for the first time in years, and watch you all being
awesome at coding or painting!! But instead of making me feel
insignificant, you all motivated to not give up and keep working until
one day I get to be at the great level you all are.

My family is really thankful too, some of you might remember that
it was my sister who booked my flight, she wanted to make sure that
I actually went to the Sprint, instead of getting depressed and
staying home, which, saddly, would probably had happened. They all
say I look different since I came back, and I can see my family
happy and healing from all that happened a few months ago. 

Thank you all for everything. 

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