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Thu Aug 22 14:19:22 BST 2019


After several months of working with the current system of a draft and a
master branch(where master is 'stable'), we've decided this is a bit hard
on contributors coming in from other KDE projects(like Antoni and Yurchor).
It also makes it hard to 'backport' a fix.

We've therefore decided to change the branches workflow so that there's a
'stable' branch and a master branch where all the work happens. This will
then be consistent to how the main Krita repository handles stable and
master branches. The branch has the same name even, 'krita/4.2', but
instead it's in 'websites/docs-krita-org' repository.

I am writing this mail because scripty will need to be pointed at this new
stable branch. I have also sent out a sysadmin request for having the
jenkins builder point at the stable branch. I won't be completing the last
step(merging draft into master), until I have confirmation both have been
done, so we won't get any nasty surprises.

(Also ccing the krita developer mailinglist in this mail)

Thanks in advance,
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