Review for audio sync patch (D16067)

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Wed Oct 10 09:32:10 BST 2018

Hi, Jouni!

While Phabricator is down I'll post the review here :)

I have tested the patch and it has at least two regressions:

1) It crashes when there is no audio attached (see a patch in 
attachement that should fix that):
2) When in drop frames mode, the video does not always cycle in the end 
of the clip. Basically, sometimes video just "jumps over" the end of the 
selection or the clip range. To test that you can do the following:

i) create a big image (with or without sound)
ii) select several frames, e.g. 5-30th frames
iii) start play
iv) playback will jump over the 30th frame and will continue to the infinity

Dmitry Kazakov

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