Python testing in 4?

Brendan Scott disposableemail at
Tue Jan 23 06:24:07 UTC 2018

On 01/23/2018 04:59 PM, Peter Bowmar wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been using Krita for a while now, but haven't really contributed. The
> Python scripting in 4 is inspiring however, and I was hoping I could test
> and contribute, perhaps some scripts, docs, examples or whatever time
> allows.
> However, I notice that the current Beta 1 doesn't include Python. Just
> curious when that might be available for testing along with very
> rudimentary "getting started" type instructions :) Oh, on Linux.

It would be useful for you to test the instructions themselves.
First instructions are already in the Krita Manual:

Under the unstable features heading.

See also:

> Also will this be industry standard Python 2.7 or are you going to Python
> 3.x? In which case I may not be able to contribute until the industry
> catches up in a few years....

They expect Python 3. Their scripter environment expects Python 3.5 but can be coaxed to work with earlier versions of 3.

Scripting is not in the beta because of packaging problems (Linux) and errors (Windows).

This might(?) have been resolved for Windows in the nightly builds, but if you want to use scripting on Linux you'll need to build it yourself. Getting the dependencies is a bit of a hassle. Once you've got them, it takes me about half an hour to compile on my laptop.

See also:

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