[krita] libs/ui: D9071 Add custom opacity and color for assistants

Scott Petrovic null at kde.org
Thu Dec 7 18:59:33 UTC 2017

Git commit 5077699bbc608c9df8923d63a64c912b1b0ba5a0 by Scott Petrovic.
Committed on 07/12/2017 at 18:53.
Pushed by scottpetrovic into branch 'master'.

D9071 Add custom opacity and color for assistants
BUG:386537 transparency slider or special layer for perspective grid and rulers
CCMAIL:kimageshop at kde.org

master will need a clean build as many files have changed. There was also other refactoring and fixing how the assistants are displayed

M  +4    -0    libs/ui/kis_painting_assistants_decoration.h


diff --git a/libs/ui/kis_painting_assistants_decoration.h b/libs/ui/kis_painting_assistants_decoration.h
index 8e137825508..de1d4cbf2a6 100644
--- a/libs/ui/kis_painting_assistants_decoration.h
+++ b/libs/ui/kis_painting_assistants_decoration.h
@@ -111,7 +111,11 @@ public:
     void assistantChanged();
 public Q_SLOTS:
+    /// toggles whether the assistant is active or not
     void toggleAssistantVisible();
+    /// toggles whether there will be a preview of the assistant result when painting
     void toggleOutlineVisible();
     void setAssistantsColor(QColor color);
     QPointF snapToGuide(KoPointerEvent *e, const QPointF &offset, bool useModifiers);

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