Need testing for "Undo during instant preview" :)

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Fri Oct 21 12:09:30 UTC 2016

Here is a Phabricator task for feedback :)

On Fri, Oct 21, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Dmitry Kazakov <dimula73 at> wrote:

> Hi, All!
> I have just fixed quite an old bug that prevented quite a lot of people
> from using Instant Preview. Previously, when you pressed Ctrl+Z in Instant
> Preview mode, Krita would wait until all the background strokes are
> finished, which could take quite a lot of time, and only after that would
> allow you to do undo. Now this bug is gone!
> From now on, you can make undo operations right during Instant preview
> mode and you will see the result instantly!
> The only trouble is that this patch touches the heart of Krita, and
> therefore a bit dangerous. So I would like to ask you to test it before I
> can merge it into master :)
> The code can be fetched from a separate branch:
> git checkout kazakov/undo-with-instant-preview-T2544
> What needs to be tested:
> 1) Create a big canvas (5000+) and activate a huge brush :)
> 2) Do a lot of strokes and mix them with Ctrl+Z. The result should be at
> least expected.
> 3) Test the same "action + Ctrl-Z" with the following features (they also
> use Instant Preview):
> - transform image (scale/rotate)
> - move layers with move tool
> - move selection with move tool
> - apply heavy filter using the "Filters" menu
> If you like the feature and confirm it is safe, we can even try to include
> it into Krita 3.1! :)
> --
> Dmitry Kazakov

Dmitry Kazakov
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