Need testing for "Undo during instant preview" :)

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at
Fri Oct 21 11:59:29 UTC 2016

Hi, All!

I have just fixed quite an old bug that prevented quite a lot of people
from using Instant Preview. Previously, when you pressed Ctrl+Z in Instant
Preview mode, Krita would wait until all the background strokes are
finished, which could take quite a lot of time, and only after that would
allow you to do undo. Now this bug is gone!

>From now on, you can make undo operations right during Instant preview mode
and you will see the result instantly!

The only trouble is that this patch touches the heart of Krita, and
therefore a bit dangerous. So I would like to ask you to test it before I
can merge it into master :)

The code can be fetched from a separate branch:

git checkout kazakov/undo-with-instant-preview-T2544

What needs to be tested:

1) Create a big canvas (5000+) and activate a huge brush :)
2) Do a lot of strokes and mix them with Ctrl+Z. The result should be at
least expected.
3) Test the same "action + Ctrl-Z" with the following features (they also
use Instant Preview):
- transform image (scale/rotate)
- move layers with move tool
- move selection with move tool
- apply heavy filter using the "Filters" menu

If you like the feature and confirm it is safe, we can even try to include
it into Krita 3.1! :)

Dmitry Kazakov
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