Heads-up: kdesrc-build should now work better with kexi & krita repos, calligra repo changed position

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Thu Jan 21 09:40:53 UTC 2016


if you are using kdesrc-build with kexi & krita or would like to use it, 
things should work better now due to some adaptions in the KDE repo metadata 
structure, i.e. no longer result in also the calligra repo being fetched and 
build in some cases or the krita/kexi sources being mixed into the calligra 

Those using kdesrc-build for the calligra repo, please take into account that 
the position of the calligra repo has now moved from "calligra/" to 
"calligra/calligra/", thus can also result in calligra source and build dir 
now being different on your storage system (perhaps unless you configured 
things explicitely, no expert).


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