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Mon Feb 22 20:08:17 UTC 2016

I can't say much about the animation bits, but if you are intent on using
ubuntu, go for 15.10, or follow the instructions in the 3rd party
folder.(Which involve building QT5 and KF5 locally.)

api docs for qt are a google away:
this is the krita doxygen:
this is the cat guide for building krita 2.9:
this is the guide for 3.0:
and while I am at it, the developer links:

Main devs use qt creator for writing, terminal for building.
I myself use kate and occasionally gedit for writing, and also the terminal
for building.

But remember that writing in c++ in Krita is not at all the same as writing
python in blender, it's more like writing C in blender. Meaning that you
are doing a different kind of development now, and it might be that you
find that a lot of things aren't as nicely documented as with a python api.
It is this kind of switch which trips up many a google summer of code

It's therefore recommended to stay calm and read the code carefully. You
should also come and say hi on IRC (#krita on freenode), so that you can
ask the smaller and sillier questions quickly.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 8:38 PM, Fazekas László <mneko at> wrote:

> Hi Dmitry,
> I've downloaded the Krita source and now I'm trying to understand it.
> First of all, my system (Ubuntu 14.04) seems won't be able to compile
> Krita. A lot of things are missing (extra-cmake-modules, KF5 parts). What
> is the recommended environment to compile this monster? Is it worth to try
> it on 14.04? Also, if there is any good source of api documentation about
> QT5 and Krita please tell me. Thanks.
> I checked how could be possible to export into the CSV format. I have no
> idea about the importing side yet. Blender's Python plugin system was
> better, it's very easy to use.
> The animation export in Krita goes through the kis_animaton_exporter.cpp
> code. As I understand, there is only one hardwired option now: it loops
> through the frames of the timeline, makes merged snapshots and saves the
> pictures, probably with the image exporters from the plugins/impex folder.
> For the CSV format, this is not usable, an image export plugin is not
> enough (or it can be, but that's a very ugly hack). The exporter must go
> through each of the layers separately, while saving pictures only at the
> key frames. Additional information, like the layer's name, blending mode,
> and transparency is also required.
> Maybe the actual export system should move into a kind of animation export
> plugin, with the possibility to use other plugins too. Or it can remain in
> the library part, but with an option for this different parsing mode.
> Either way, the CSV export is much easier then. I can think about other
> formats with this layered exporting logic, like: Flash, or Kdenlive (or
> other) video editor formats.
> Fazek
> 2016-02-20 19:18 keltezéssel, Dmitry Kazakov írta:
> Hi, Fazekas!
> Thank you very much for your mail. The format you suggest is really
> interesting, I guess we should really have it in Krita. I have only one
> question actually:
> 1) Is there any official docs on the file format? I didn't understant only
> one field: "Field Mode". The only link I found is this [0]. But it doesn't
> have a progressive mode...
> [0] -
> PS:
> Btw, I you like, you can implement a plugin for Krita yourself. We already
> have a PNG export/import, we just need to save the proper CSV :) I will
> have time for that at the best in the end of April... :(
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