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Sat Feb 20 19:25:42 UTC 2016

Hello Dmitry,

1. No, I don't have any official documentations, but I'm in contact with 
TVPaint so I can ask them.

The only information was the manual:

In this manual page, on the picture of the example spreadsheet, you can 
see the Frame Count, Layer Count fields are loaded incorrectly, the 
spaces were also separators. LibreOffice Calc can load it without problems.

However, it seems TVPaint itself cannot import this format back, so 
maybe we can be more flexible. Now I'm working on a loader plugin for 
TVPaint too, using its "George" language. This script will accept these 
items between parentheses and in a different order as well.

The Field Mode, I think, is the interlace mode (progressive, odd, even).

2. Ok, I will check how can I make a plugin for Krita by myself.

2016-02-20 19:18 keltezéssel, Dmitry Kazakov írta:
> Hi, Fazekas!
> Thank you very much for your mail. The format you suggest is really
> interesting, I guess we should really have it in Krita. I have only one
> question actually:
> 1) Is there any official docs on the file format? I didn't understant only
> one field: "Field Mode". The only link I found is this [0]. But it doesn't
> have a progressive mode...
> [0] -
> PS:
> Btw, I you like, you can implement a plugin for Krita yourself. We already
> have a PNG export/import, we just need to save the proper CSV :) I will
> have time for that at the best in the end of April... :(
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