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* developers should choose a specific commit for the release
* this commit must be tagged and all the packages are done out of it

For Alpha 1 we have no such commit written anywhere, therefore some of the
packages have have been built with the merged Vc branch that is thought to
be breaking brush mask generation

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 5:39 PM, Boudewijn Rempt <boud at> wrote:

> A short overview of how we tried to release the first alpha:
> Who:
> Cyrille: makes tarball and language tars
> Dmitry: makes translation tarball for windows, osx and appimage, with mo
> files made from the po's and updates the lime repo
> Boud: makes the release announcement and the OSX DMG and AppImage
> Smjert: makes the windows build and zip
> Windragon: makes the windows msi
> What went wrong:
> * Boud planned Sunday afternoon for doing the release announcement: that
> was not smart, Sunday afternoon is for sleeping
> * The language tarballs rely on KDE4 cmake stuff, which is no longer around
> * the appimage script was broken: I first tried to update to Qt 5.6, then
> went back to Qt 5.5 only to find that AppImageKit doesn't seem to build on
> CentOS anymore.
> Next time:
> * We should plan more time: tag on Sunday, release on Thursday.
> * Dmitry and Cyrilel should sit together to update the scripts to release
> the translations. Maybe we should release the translations in one tarball?
> * Boud should look into using the proper docker/travis based way for
> generating appimages
> What else?
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