Junior Job (Bug 245658)

Koushik S skoushik333 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 18:07:01 UTC 2014


    I was working on and off on Bug 245658 (JJ: Ability to see currently
selected color in a pop-up palette), and went through the code in
kis_popup_palette (thanks to boud for directing me to it!).

    I tried to add code to get the required feature, but to no avail. In
fact, the code actually replicated the already built-in feature of
displaying the recently used color.

    I examined the code which updates the color selector, and have a vague
idea of solving this. Would it be correct if I initialize a
KisColorSelectorComponent and use it's currentColor() method to get the
currently selected color? If not, could someone point me in the right
direction. Thanks.

Koushik. S
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