Roadmap discussion for 2.9 and 3.0

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Mon Feb 24 08:59:59 UTC 2014

On Saturday 22 February 2014 Feb 00:21:36 Erik Johansson wrote:
> Just wanted to chip in on:
> """
> > * MDI interface (more than one document loaded in one window)
> >
> I would give this the top priority, because it's the single feature that
> has be merged before we go to 3.0 and will likely also need a lot of work.
> """
> Will this result in less memory/cpu usage when having multiple documents
> open?
> Will the old way of one process per document still work?
> Is it possible to have a chrome like approach where each tab is a process?

Well... Actually... It depends on how you open the multiple documents. If you open a new document from an existing window, you get two windows, but it's still one process. Some time ago, we thought we could make Krita use one process all the time, using the QUniqueApplication solution, but that is pretty scary because one crash would kill all open documents...

> As Krita still ain't rock solid. LOADS better than some months ago and I
> guess it will be even more stable when 3.0 hits but it would still s**k for
> all open documents to crash because one of them bugs out. Just wanted this
> to be taken into consideration when implementing this.

Please, do, do report all crashes you experience. I think I fixed the last memory bug (reported by Silvio) last week, but that's not in a Windows build yet. 

Boudewijn Rempt,,

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