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On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 10:19 AM, Maria Far <mariafar.94 at> wrote:

> Hi to all,
> I'm maiking the list of all the new features that are going to be on Krita
> 2.7. Actually i have the following list, if there's something new or
> something i did wrong, please tell me :)
>    - *Freehand path tool*
>    - *QML export*
>    - *Applying curves to the alpha channel to the curves filter.*
>    - *Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool.*
>    - *Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool.
>    *
> Grayscale selections, many improvements to the transform tool, better
smoothing, better color to alpha filter, shapes can be painted with the
brush and lots of other improvements that I don't remember.

The features below will be in 2.8

>    -
>    - *Clipboard:* now, the pasted image always gets centered right.
>    - *Drag and drop* of images and objects and from a URL:  you can drop
>    any image to Krita canvas and it will be centered in the image. If you want
>    to drag an image from an URL (from Firefox, Dolphin…) it will also be added
>    to your image as layer. You can drag-and-drop more than one image at once.
>    And you will can drag-and-drop of layers between different instances of
>    Krita app.
>    - *Improved interface for resource tagging.*
>    - *Addition of save button to tag filter line and some tool-tips.*
>    - *Improve of the appearance of tag related context menu *(now is
>    nicer).
>    - *Isolated Mode for Krita nodes: *you can look ar a layer, mask or a
>    group in isolated environment, without seeing other nodes. You can switch
>    it on selecting a context menu item in the Layers Docker, to switch off,
>    just select another layer or just use
>    the same context menu.
>    - *Update of author profile actions* when configuration changes.
>    - *Node-conversion GUI implementation:* now, you can convert a paint
>    layer to any of masks and back using a menu
>    in the layer box or in menu bar.
> This is all i have! :)
> Regards
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