Krita 2.7 features

Maria Far mariafar.94 at
Fri May 24 08:19:01 UTC 2013

Hi to all,
I'm maiking the list of all the new features that are going to be on Krita
2.7. Actually i have the following list, if there's something new or
something i did wrong, please tell me :)

   - *Freehand path tool*
   - *QML export*
   - *Applying curves to the alpha channel to the curves filter.*
   - *Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool.*
   - *Support for creating seamless textures to Krita, image offset tool. *
   - *Clipboard:* now, the pasted image always gets centered right.
   - *Drag and drop* of images and objects and from a URL:  you can drop
   any image to Krita canvas and it will be centered in the image. If you want
   to drag an image from an URL (from Firefox, Dolphin…) it will also be added
   to your image as layer. You can drag-and-drop more than one image at once.
   And you will can drag-and-drop of layers between different instances of
   Krita app.
   - *Improved interface for resource tagging.*
   - *Addition of save button to tag filter line and some tool-tips.*
   - *Improve of the appearance of tag related context menu *(now is nicer).
   - *Isolated Mode for Krita nodes: *you can look ar a layer, mask or a
   group in isolated environment, without seeing other nodes. You can switch
   it on selecting a context menu item in the Layers Docker, to switch off,
   just select another layer or just use
   the same context menu.
   - *Update of author profile actions* when configuration changes.
   - *Node-conversion GUI implementation:* now, you can convert a paint
   layer to any of masks and back using a menu
   in the layer box or in menu bar.

This is all i have! :)

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