Questions on the Grid and Spray brushes

Valerie valerie_vk at
Thu Jan 17 10:56:03 UTC 2013

I had a few questions about the Grid Brush and the Spray Brush. LukasT suggested to send them to the mailing list so he can keep track, so:

Grid Brush:
- Particle type: Is "Pixel" supposed to give antialiased lines? (If that is the case, why isn't it called Antialiased Lines?)
- What controls the angle for Antialiased pixels? (it doesn't seem to be the drawing angle, since drawing a straight horizontal line will have angular variations)
- Mix with background color: does this only work with a graphics tablet? I certainly can't get it to work with a mouse.

Spray brush:
- Brush Tip doesn't seem to do anything, is it gone in the latest Master?
- In Spray Shape, "Texture" could be renamed into "Image" to be aligned with the Shape options.

A bit unrelated: when you use the Hairy brush with Mouse Pressure on, the brush creates a full-sized dab at the beginning of the stroke. This happens with a mouse, not with a tablet.

Is that one of those very hard to fix bugs? It's not a blocker or anything since people can just avoid using that feature, I'm just curious.

I'm using Krita 2.5.3, so some of these may have been fixed already. I haven't finished testing, so I may have more questions later on, thanks! :)
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