A small report on what hotspots we have in Krita

Dmitry Kazakov dimula73 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 09:15:25 UTC 2012


I've just done a small vtune benchmark of Krita. Here is a small report of
what we spend out painting time on:

Benchmark configuration:

1) 400px Auto Brush on a 4000x2000 RGB8 image. Painting with a tablet.
2) Indirect Painting Support is active.
3) Vc is active (Sandy Bridge)
4) Cache is active (Precision Level 4)

The summary:

PaintOp code:
 |  (Alpha Darken)-----------------25.4%
 +--generation of a dab,
 |  counting the cache, but
 |  not counting processing
 |  the mask in threads------------10.9%
 +--processing the dab mask
    with MaskProcessor--------------9.6%

Merger code:
-+--handling indirect painting
 |  (Alpha Darken)-----------------14.4%
 +--transferring data to the UI-----1.5%
 +--loading the data to an OpenGL
 |  texture (glTexSubImage2D)------11.2%
 +--painting the texture on screen
    (paintEvent code)---------------2.8%

The short conclusion: we spend 40% of the time on compositioning and about
20% of time on brush generation.

Dmitry Kazakov
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