Updated Proposal for Canvas Interaction

Arjen Hiemstra djfreestyler at gmail.com
Wed May 30 15:47:11 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 30 May 2012 07:25:17 Bugsbane wrote:
> I just read through it, and overall it looks very good. One thing that
> wasn't clear to me was whether this proposal would retain being able to pan
> and zoom just with the middle mouse button and dragging as we have now? I
> say "middle mouse button" although, personally I actually use the MMB on my
> tablet pen, and the slider on my tablet which triggers the same signal as
> the scroll wheel on a mouse. Being able to quickly pan and zoom using just
> the pen and tablet, and without having to constantly find and click on
> widgets is probably the most important part of my workflow after painting
> itself, as it's something I do constantly.

Yes, I realise it was not entirely clear, but basically middle mouse acts like 
toggle + left mouse in the case of those actions. So you won't have to press 
left mouse in addition to middle mouse. :)

> Having actions like pan, rotate and zoom available any time, while using any
> tool, however would be absolute bliss, so I absolutely endorse the idea of
> universal actions.

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