[CentOS] Maintainer for Krita on CentOS

Boudewijn Rempt boudewijn.rempt at kogmbh.com
Tue May 15 08:28:13 UTC 2012


I'm the Krita maintainer. I managed to finish building Krita on CentOS 
5.8 yesterday with almost all optional dependencies. It's a 32 bits 
build, since I used a VM.  I'm very much unfamiliar with CentOS, so I 
probably did a lot of things wrong, but the end result seems to work 
fine :-).

First for the Qt issue: the reason Krita needs at least Qt 4.6 is that 
earlier versions of Qt have broken wacom tablet support (as well as a 
host of other bugs), but Qt 4.6 is fine.

For this experiment, I built my own Qt, though, since I started a week 
or so ago. Also, I didn't know whether potential users would be fine 
with enabling extra repositories, so I only used what was available by 

I built git, intltool (needed for a newer shared-mime-info) and automoc 
to get started.

Then I built the following dependencies:

Qt 4.7.4 (without webkit, I was lazy)
intltool 0.50 (for building shared-mime-info)
shared-mime-info 0.90 (needed a newer version for kdelibs)
poppler 0.20
openjpeg 1.5.0
openexr 1.7.0
llvm 3.0 (with threads enabled)
lcms2 2.3
ilmbase 1.0.2
glew 1.7
fftw 3.3.2
exiv2 0.23
eigen 2
libdbusmenu-qt 0.9.2

from the kde git repos (probably should have used release tarballs, though):


and from the opengtl git repos:


and finally krita from the calligra repo

Because I disabled webkit, I also had to hack around a bit in kdelibs 
and kde-runtime, but nothing too bad. And because glib was too old, I 
disabled the experimental mypaint brush engine in Krita.

The only thing missing now are some icons in the toolbox, but that's 
probably my fault for missing some package or path setting. I'm planning 
on cleaning up a little and make the binary available as a tarball for 

Boudewijn Rempt

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