Proposal: Canvas Interaction Enhancements

Przemyslaw Golab golab.przemyslaw at
Mon May 14 15:41:14 UTC 2012

Great job! I agree with your statements, but I have something to add.

My notes:
1. Some interactions with canvas, especially rotation needs reset option.
    I would see this in Modifier + Mouse way, maybe Shift + Right Mouse?
2. Zooming. I like a idea of using mouse + modifiers for zooming,
    it's less distracting that moving my hand to some buttons.
    The problem with zooming with digital painting is that user not always
    need fine tune zooming. Constant steps for zooming are sometimes much
    more useful because it helps eliminate zooming artefacts for
    Also, working with fixed sizes of canvas like 100%, 50%, 25%, 13%
    may be more comfortable for some Artists.
    So there should be a way to use fine tune zooming or step zooming
    with m+mouse, maybe as an option in preferences?
3. What about Clone Brush?
4. Now, next important topic.
    Should we consider Assistants as part of Canvas operations, interaction?
    It's a bit like a bunch of rulers and piece of paper. What I do with
    affects the painting process, the same rulers. Currently using
    as Tools is not encouraging for users. I think making them part of the
    Canvas interaction, like a Mode, will be more useful for users.

Ad. 4.
If YES, then:
Current interactions works like this:
- select Assistants Tool
- create Assistants
- select Drawing Tool
- turn ON using Assistants
- do the work
- turn OFF using Assistants for some editing without them
- turn ON again
- ... repeat above several times
- select Assistants Tool
- Destroy Each Assistant because they are distraction
- select Drawing Tool
- ... repeat above

We have few loops, users don't like to repeat the same boring, non
productive, actions.

My proposed interaction:

- select Assistants Tool
- create Assistants
- select Drawing Tool
- use Drawing Tool, but to interact with Assistants hold ALT (example)
- do the work
- when not needed turn OFF Mode and Display, with Q-key (example),
  this will hide assistants but not destroy them
- do the work
- turn ON Assistant mode again
- edit them using, assistant editing mode CTRL + ALT + mouse (example)
- when not needed turn OFF Assistant Mode again, to hide them

My method probably needs more work, but as You can see it's less
destructive workflow..

User can, use Assistants when he wants, display them when he wants and
edit them, at the same time when using them.

User doesn't have to, destroy Assistants to hide them and recreate each
specify when he wants to use them and when not.

You asked about Mirror Axis, in my opinion it's Canvas interaction and
should be treated like one,
but it's not very often edited option. Maybe make it 3th party member and
move it to
SOME MODIFIER + Right Click?
I could see workflows when often edited mirror axis would be useful but
it's still no so often
that it needs left click.
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