Krita on Centos 5.8

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Sat May 12 08:22:53 UTC 2012

I've got a stripped version of Krita running :-). It took a bit of effort 
and doesn't yet include the HDR painting features or the OpenGL canvas 
yet, but that's only a matter of compiling dependencies and then 
recompiling Krita.

This runs fine when copied to another user, so that's promising

This is what I did:

* took a stock, standard Centos 5.8, I didn't add any extra repository.

In order to get started, I needed the following packages and compile them:

** git (to get stuff...)
** intltool (for shared-mime-info)
** automoc (to build kde stuff)
** kdesdk (for extra convenience when building using my setup with 

These I compiled and installed to ~/bin.

The dependencies I installed to ~/kde/inst -- just like calligra in the
calligra build guide.

** qt 4.7.4

Qt was configured with: -no-nis -no-declarative -no-webkit 
-nodeclarative-debg -no-openvg

** shared-mime-info (needed intltool)
** attica
** libdbusmenu-qt
** strigi
** phonon
** exiv2
** lcms2
** openjpeg
** poppler-qt4
** kdelibs
** kde-runtime

Because I had disabled webkit (krita doesn't need it) I needed to patch 
kdelibs and kderuntime a bit severely. I had to disable the mypaint 
paintop since it needs a newer glib.

Then I could build krita from the calligra sources

* calligra

And then Krita ran :-). For the user I used to build it, and for another 
user, into whose home dir I copied it. Without toolbox icons, though, but 
that's a simple installation issue.

This is the absolute minimum: I didn't yet compile the extra dependencies 
for more Krita features:

** glew
** fftw3
** openctl
** openshiva
** qtshiva
** openexr
** poppler-qt4 (why was this not found? I did install it -- probably some
** kdcraw
** spnav

That's next... The current inst dir takes 980M, but that's completely 
unstripped, with full kdelibs, kde-runtime, qt examples and everything... 
So it can be stripped down a lot.

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