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Thu Feb 23 22:02:12 UTC 2012

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 1:11 PM, Francisco Fernandes
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> Hi!
> Sorry for the delay, I'm back in my hometown and internet access was
> hard to get.
>> Hi!, I saw your question in the IRC Chat. If
>> is in the install directory then probably the only thing that's
>> missing is that it gets added to the UI. This generally happens when
>> you recompile without a Make Clean.
>> My recommendation:
>> Go to the root directory of your krita build, do a make clean, and
>> then recompile everything  (I don't remember exactly which folder I
>> had to make clean and recompile so to be on the safe side I suggest
>> you rebuild it whole).  It should work after that.  I've stumbled
>> against that error several times when I make new paintops.
> I already did that, but it doesn't show . Sven told me to verify if krita is
> loading the plugin so I put some messages to show in the console, but
> nothing had appeared. I put the code in the
> "kis_minimal_paintop_plugin.cpp",
> in the constructor (MinimalPaintOpPlugin::MinimalPaintOpPlugin ). Is that
> correct? Or there is another way to verify if the plugin is loading?

To detect if the paintop is loadingm it is enough to put a line
containing something like
qDebug() << "test" ;
Inside the constructor.

Try with the unmodified Minimal Paintop Plugin, it should work out of
the box, except that you must add it to the upper directory's
CMakeLists.txt. In
You must add a line containing the name of the folder in which you
have the paintop. If the folder is called "minmalop", then you must
add this line:
add_subdirectory( minimalop )

Make sure when you add that line that the name you put in
add_subdirectory( XXXXXXXX ) matches the name of the subfolder
containing your paintop.

I suspect that part is failing because our README instructions were
completely clear.

Tell us how it goes.

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