[calligra/krita-fixsmudgebrush-silvioheinrich] krita/plugins/paintops: Added mode to use the projected image ( all visible layers merged) as source layer for smudging.

LukasT.dev@gmail.com lukast.dev at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 14:35:38 CET 2011

On Saturday 19 March 2011 14:11:12 Silvio Heinrich wrote:
> And the mirroring feature would be cool yes... but i think it's a bit 
> hard to implement and the performance would drop a huge amount I guess.
> Need to think about this a bit.

There are two ways of mirroring, one is copying the result of the brush 
algorithm mirrored and bitBlt on the canvas. It does not smudge, just the 
result is used 
Basically that is faster then the mirroring described below. 
KisPainter::renderMirrorMask* methods can be used for that. See old smudge or 
other paintops for how to use it.

The other mirroring is done on the tool level,
there is my branch multihand where the stroke of the tool is mirrored
and that stroke uses own instance of the brush, so it behaves like smudge
on both sizes. I hope to make it ready for the master and thus for Krita 2.4 

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