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Tue Mar 15 14:04:21 CET 2011

On Tuesday 15 March 2011 Mar, JL VT wrote:

> > Never mind, my friend, I have actually just checked the Netherland's
> embassy website in Chile, and (yes!!) we do not need a VISA to stay for less
> than 3 months in the Schengen area, which includes the Netherlands (take
> _that_, United States!).
> Sometimes I forget the world is not _that_ complex; my experience with the
> US embassy made me think this would be immensely harder to get there.
> According to the embassy's website, I need no VISA, only a valid passport
> (which I have), and the ability to demonstrate what I am visiting the
> country for. I presume that a printed invitation or a similar document
> should be enough.
> Now I am heading to sleep ~~~~.

I'll create an invitation, print it, sign it, scan it and send it.

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