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>> > That's the cheapest I could find (within a reasonable time frame), link
>> > here:
>> >
>> >
>> > All other costs of travel are meaningless in comparison, but just for
>> > reference:
>> > Back and forth from Rancagua to Santiago: US$10
>> > Back and forth from Santiago Downtown to the Airport and then back:
>> US$24
>> >  (Yes, they overcharge for this trip  :-)  )
>> >
>> > I can't think of any other relevant travel cost, so rounding to the
>> nearest
>> > 100 to compensate for unexpected situations, we have:
>> > US$2300 to arrive at Amsterdam's airport.
>> >
>> > Those are my estimated expenses.
>> > That assuming I manage to get a Visa to visit Amsterdam  *crosses
>> fingers*.
>> I'll visit the town hall this afternoon to ask what's needed on my side
>> for a visum to .nl. But maybe a tourist visum doesn't need anything on the
>> dutch side. Can you check?
>> Oh yes I can!, give me two days, one to fix my thoroughly scrambled sleep
> schedule, and the second to actually investigate. I will get back to you
> with the details  :)
> Never mind, my friend, I have actually just checked the Netherland's
embassy website in Chile, and (yes!!) we do not need a VISA to stay for less
than 3 months in the Schengen area, which includes the Netherlands (take
_that_, United States!).
Sometimes I forget the world is not _that_ complex; my experience with the
US embassy made me think this would be immensely harder to get there.

According to the embassy's website, I need no VISA, only a valid passport
(which I have), and the ability to demonstrate what I am visiting the
country for. I presume that a printed invitation or a similar document
should be enough.

Now I am heading to sleep ~~~~.
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