branch: krita-imagedocker-silvioheinrich

David REVOY davidrevoy at
Wed Jun 29 22:59:28 CEST 2011

>> *Color picking as a behavior is really good. Maybe for user-friendlyness
>> a icon of it to replace the cursor ? Not super important , as Krita is a
>> pro software, user friendly things are just goodies.
>> [note: It will be perfect for my screenshots of gamut mask website , and
>> to share palette ]
>> * Zooming : I like all the option and the button, very pro. Is it
>> possible to also have the mouse wheel button to pan , and mouse wheel to
>> zoom ? That would make navigation really fast. I also noticed the zoom
>> zone selection. This is great to.
> Shouldn't be a problem.

Super cool !

>> * As I rarely use only one reference on my screen only, I use to paste
>> them as a mosaic with a image editor ( Gimp ) ; I often work like this
>> , using 1/3 of my screen for reference. For a book cover , I have past
>> book cover of the series, characters, photos took by the scenarist, some
>> doc found on the net....etc.... I can still do my collage work like
>> this, but if the dockers could shuffle them automagically for me , I
>> would love it more :)
> Hmm... maybe that functionality would be misplaced in the image docker.
> I think it would be better to have a separate plug-in that creates a
> mosaic from multiple images.

I agree, good idea.  Even with import document as layer and use the 
transform tool it should be fast enough to do now this way.
this can be done first in Krita, then reimported in the image dockers.

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